Sify News for Windows 10

Sify News for Windows 10

One stop shop for Indian news


  • Looks slick
  • Good selection of news


  • No scrolling
  • No customization
  • Content doesn't always fit to screen

Not bad

Sify News is a slick Metro app that will bring the best of Indian and global news to your Windows 8 desktop.

Windows 8's good looks are perfect for magazine-style apps like Sify News. This particular news app covers Indian news, sport and entertainment, as well as politics, global news and offbeat stories. Its clear layout makes it easy to browse, and clicking on a headline will bring you into the main story.

Unfortunately, Sify News has a few flaws that make it pretty far from being the ideal app. It doesn't support mouse scrolling, and keyboard support is poor. There's no semantic zoom, and it doesn't seem that the developer has really thought about how its content fits onto a screen - many times, we saw titles and headlines that just didn't fit.

Add this to the fact that Sify News doesn't offer any customization or other options, and you can start to see that it's a little limited. This is a pity, as Windows 8 offers a really good canvas for news apps. We can only hope that future versions bring more improvements.

Sify News is a run of the mill news application with a special focus on India.

Sify News for Windows 10


Sify News for Windows 10

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